Welcome! Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Esteban Chavez and I am the founder of Mars Built. 

I am half a century young and based out of the East Los Angeles area in beautiful Southern California. 

Mars Built is inspired by the craftsmanship and engineering excellence found in vintage synthesizers, Hammond organs, and Leslie speakers. 

My reality as a gigging synth & key wrangler sparked the creation of a variety of products that enhance the player experience. 

My journey into craftsmanship has roots in the digital world of creative direction and graphic design. Since 2007 I have owned and operated Headhigh Creative, a multi-disciplined design collective, and I have helped launch and support brands from startups to multimillion-dollar corporations. 

My experience as a creative director allowed me to collaborate on fabrication projects such as trade show booths and retail interiors and I always found great joy in working with and creating physical products and spaces. 

That creative seed has blossomed from a part-time hobby into a full-time manufacturing business with three brands currently being nurtured into creation.

These brands include:

  1. Mars Built – Furniture and Fabrication for Sonic Creation and Exploration
  2. Lucid Dreaming – Bespoke furniture, handcrafted goods, and art for inspired living.
  3. Local Table Co – Heirloom Dining Tables made from local urban timber.

I am inspired by the imperfect perfection of natural systems and nature’s design. I enjoy exploring sonic landscapes in my music studio and am currently collaborating with Earth Moon Earth, a cosmic rock collective from the California hi-desert. I am fueled, enlivened, and supported by the energy of the California surf, my wife Jenifer, and my two amazing sons.