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Oct 26, 2021

Thank you Michael for the opportunity to collaborate with you!

The intention of this communication is to share design concepts.

I propose a mix of subtle textures. End grain baltic birch plywood, ash wood, and clean red doors.

The curves are mitered strips of plywood sanded to a smooth and seamless curve.

Sizes are based on your original specs. Casework is 1.5″ thick.

Feel free to use the comments section to provide feedback or email.

Roll over the images for more info.



Inspired by your design and the Monumental Curved Credenza by Paul Evans


Ash Feet


Black stained Ash on interior apron


End grain plywood on casework and handles.


Curved corner based on a 14″ diamater circle.


Natural Ash used for interior apron

Front v.2

Ash grain detail


Corners are made from strips of mitered ply

Corner detail


Folding doors




Pin or glide




Folding doors


Drop leaf door w/ wood hinges integrated and flush with support shelf


Wooden hinge vibe


Keyboard shelf on base mounted drawer sliders



  1. Michael Beaudry

    This is a killer start and I think we’re quite close. Thanks so much. Here’s my thoughts…

    1. THE APRON and FRONT DOORS. I hadn’t thought of an apron, probably because I envisioned a single door covering the outer casework frame. Your folding doors are marvelous, I’m just not sure they’ll work, in terms of entrance size, considering what I need to put inside–a rowing machine (in the front) and a stool and a few other things (in the back).

    For the front, I definitely prefer a single door, with horizontal handles, unless you think a single door will be a structural issue.

    For the back, I’ve been stuck on sliding doors, which I assumed would actually be easier to build. But, your folding doors are rad and I prefer them; I just need to know if there will be a dividing, vertical slat between the right and left door, which may create a size issue. If there’s not a vertical bar, then I love the folding doors in the back, which will truly make each side unique.

    2. WOOD AND DETAILS AND CORNER CURVING. I like everything you suggest, particularly the ash wood details. I just want to make sure there will be ample room in the front (for the rowing machine and my vacuum), and in the back (for the keyboard). Will the interior corners be right angles, or curved? Without knowing the interior dimensions, my only possible concern is that a 14″ diameter eats into too much space. Otherwise, it looks beautiful.

    3. LEGS. I love the legs you suggest, but the reason I drafted up basic slats in my original schematic is because I need to slide the entire piece out from the wall, and I assume four legs would snap off–particularly angled ones–and possibly rather quickly.

    4. THE RED. This is such a tricky color. I feel like I should order some sample red and paint it onto a piece of wood and see how it looks. The red in your mock-up is perfect, though, and exactly what I’m looking for.

    Overall, this is looking amazing, E. Thanks so much. Stoked to see your next iteration.

  2. Esteban Chavez

    Hi Michael, 

    How goes it!?

    Thx for the feedback. Ill address your thoughts here and cc the communication on the site as well. Fyi… that/this page is not searchable to search engines. 

    Re. Front door(s)
    Could you take some measurements of the big ticket items that need to go in the piece? From a usability perspective, do you think leaning, crawling, ducking (?) under the lift door concept to load the pieces in and out is functional?

    Re. Apron
    I do like the idea of introducing a layer element for depth and it opens up a material option as well… I love the ash vibe and it keeps the whole thing designed with intention vs using ply as utility.

    And.. I am not stuck on it as well… adding the apron will provide some design challenges…  eg the hinges for the doors, limits space.

    I like it more than not and vote to keep it in play… do you like the black apron or natural… I think I prefer the natural… the black was a riff on the Monumental piece. 

    Re. Back doors
    I worked up a slider design as well and the thing I ran into was how to keep things flush(ish) on the front….  Ill work up a drawing of how the sliders would look to give you some context.

    Re. Casework
    Let’s get some measurements of the gear that has to go inside and we can adjust the corners. Is adjusting the width of the case an option?Interior corners will be curved.

    Re. Feet
    The feet I have in mind are 4 inches square each at the connection with the case work. That is 64 square inches of surface area x 16 mechanical screw points…. they will be plenty strong.

    If you prefer the thinner leg … some ideas are …slightly thicker leg ~1.25 – 1.5″ … perhaps with a taper… ill work up some examples inspired by your design. I am very concerned with side to side movement as the weak area in that design is the fact that there is not a lot of surface area where the legs meet the case. They will handle a compression load just fine, but a lateral blow could fold them. 

    Re. Red
    We should pull accessible paint and just use that.

    Re. Finish
    I was thinking :
    Casework, ash and feet: natural hard wax oil satin sheen – open grains – let the textures of the wood be felt
    Red doors: Glass smooth, paint and poly – satin sheen or epoxy flood coat – gloss sheen.
    We can work up some samples of everything. I need to do some experimenting with end grain ply anyhow. 

    What are your thoughts on finish?


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