Eurorack Key Console

This is a custom Eurorack console that allows for a variety of popular small format midi controllers to be integrated with your favorite Eurorack modules. The design accommodates the Arturia Keystep (92hp), Beheringer Swing (92hp), MidiPlus X3 (113hp) or the Yamaha Reface (101hp) series. The keyboards are are held securely in place ... it's like a synth sandwich.

The base price does not include power. We recommend the Befaco Powskiff module with a floating bus.


  • Choose between a variety of hardwoods
  • Sanded black stain hardwood option is available
  • Custom made for:
    • Arturia Keystep (92hp)
    • Behringer Swing (92 hp)
    • MidiPlus X3 (113hp)
    • Yamaha Reface Series (101hp)
  • Rails and inserts are included
  • Finished with a high quality oil and wax and/or a high quality oil poly blend... depends on the wood.
  • Dimensions (approx):
    • Keystep & Swing Version: 51cm x 34cm x 21cm
    • MidiPlus X3 Version: 59.5cm x  34cm x 21cm
    • Reface Version: 55cm x 35.5cm x 23cm
  • Modules not included
  • Made to order in 2-3 weeks.