Finding Flow

Jun 17, 2023

Completion of Alan & Dana’s Cembalet

Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up




Happy Fathers Day.

Most of the tools I own were handed down from my grandfather and a master maker named John. 

When moments of uncertainty or concern arise in the shop, I ask the question… how should this be approached. 

The answer sometimes comes in waves of revelation over time, with each approach well thought out by my machinery.

Other times, the answer comes loud and clear from voices that are clearly not mine. 

I believe those voices are my angels in the shop looking over me and helping to guide the vision… My grandfather, and John. 

Happy Fathers Day.



Opportunities not circumstance.

My partner inside the effort Local Table Co has decided to not continue to pay for our wonderful workspace that we moved into last month.

This is a bit of a bummer as I really love the community and having the larger capacity tools at my fingertips. However, I can make my home shop work just fine and Ill be saving money. So… aok. Time to shuttle gear and timber back home over the next week. 


6/17/23  – Taking stock

Balance is inside – keeping alive all of which lights you up.
Taking time to dream, and create in the mind
Fuels the creation on the bench
With passion and love and joy as the physical unveiling
Of the forms, and parts take shape

Side & Lid Board Selection

Cutting the Lid Handle Features


Sheet Music Shelf

Gallery – 6/17/23


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