In The Zone 4/20

Apr 20, 2021

Life is a game. Play.

I’ve never been one to “blog” however I do believe that there is power in sharing what you are up to – to the universe – as an exercise of action and accountability. So despite my resistance to writing this – I am going to share nonetheless and use this page as a resource to track my progress.

For the next month (4/20 – 5/18) I am taking on creating powerful possibilities in the areas of my fitness and expanding Mars Built.


 1. Standing there, the possibilities I am creating in the area of expanding Mars Built are freedom, leadership & powerful collaboration – three bold actions I will take are:

  1. Enroll Chop Value into crowdfunding for startup
  2. Put Piano Cembelet up on marketplaces for showcase & case (reverb, etsy &
  3. Finish White Oak Producers Credenza 5/18

2. Standing there, the possibilities I am creating in the area of fitness are the possibility of fun, flowing, adventure – three bold actions I will take are:

  1. 1 one hour minimum bike ride a week
  2. 4 days a weeks of breath-work in the am
  3. 2 surf sessions a week


  • Surf Session One – Complete Tues. 4/20 Bolsa
  • Surf Session Two – Complete Fri. 4/23 Cliffs
  • Surf Session Three – Complete Sat. 4/24 N. Bolsa
  • Surf Session Four – Complete Sat. 5/1 Torrance Beach
  • Surf Session Five – Complete Tues. 5/4 N. Bolsa
  • Surf Session Six
  • Surf Session Seven
  • Surf Session Eight
  • Adventure One
  • Adventure Two
  • Adventure Three
  • Adventure Four
  • Adventure Five
  • Chop Value
  • Showcase Cembelet
  • White Oak Producers Credenza


Tues. 4/20


  • AM surf session @ Bolsa
  • Afternoon Jog
  • 150 Pushups


  • Supplements – Yes
  • Water throughout the day, coffee in the am and afternoon, granola, apple, Mateos left over sandwich 1/4, bowl of broccoli, small bag of chips, beans & rice in eve, glass of wine

Weight = 202

Wed. 4/21


  • 50 Pushups


  • Supplements – NO
  • Water throughout the day, coffee in the am, granola, jack fruit bowl, small bag of chips, turkey n bean burrito, 2 beers & 1 glass of wine!

Weight = 200

Actions Taken Towards Goals

  • Drilled dowels
  • Organized Cembelet photos for showcase
  • Re-familiarized myself with breath work techniques
Thurs. 4/22


  • 160 Pushups


  • Supplements – Yes
  • Water throughout the day, coffee in the am, granola, b, small bag, broccoli/carrot/cauliflower bowl, tortilla chips, pizza (way too much pizza) …

Weight = 201

Actions Taken Towards Goals

  • Request quote from BuildLane for manufacturing
Fri. 4/23


  • Surf session at HB Cliffs was an hour of paddling against the current and two waves. Mother nature delivered a whop ass on me.


  • Supplements – Yes
  • Water throughout the day, coffee in the am, eggs n toast, broccoli/carrot/cauliflower bowl eve, apple

Weight = 201

Actions Taken Towards Goals

  • Connected with BuildLane as a manufacturing partner
  • Surfing
  • Cutting credenza shelf to size
Sat. 4/24


  • Surf session @ N. Bolsa with Enzo was super fun! Good size, few corners, and some power in the water.


  • Supplements – Yes
  • Water, coffee, breakfast burrito, tortilla chips

Weight = 201

Actions Taken Towards Goals

  • Surfed
  • Credenza dados cut
Sun. 4/25 - Tues. 5/4

Blink. There goes a week!

The lessons learned.

  • Maximize your morning routine
  • There is power in action
    • Commit
    • Paddle out
    • Go to the shop and do one thing
  • Be grateful

The 5am call to waves was met with a little bit of resistance this morning. Thankfully the drive to create an opportunity for myself and my son was much stronger than the drive to stay warm and cozy in the bed. 

The reward for getting out was a thousand shades of greys and grey blues, dolphins galore, fun and gentle waves, the smiles and companionship of my son and the shared experience of his experience. I was left with and an immense sense of gratitude for life and a force that will fuel the next set of experiences… be a yes to what lights you up. 


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