BleTCHleY ParK prOjEcT

The Bletchley Park Project was assembled during the last days of the millennium as a musical think tank. Inspired by an album concept written by Dan Burke and Leandro Vera, the group gathered in San Luis Obispo, California, to push the boundaries of recorded music in a format they call novelistic music. “We’re essentially trying to do for music what Michelangelo Antonioni did for film,” says Dan Burke. “While writers like Hemmingway and Kerouac explored what the French call the littérature du regard, or the ‘literature of the look,’ The Bletchley Park Project is taking music as close to the form and sensibility of the contemporary novel as any other musical artists today. We decided we don’t want to just entertain with our music, we want to tell a story.”

The band’s first release, The Bletchley Park Project, received great critical acclaim among peers and industry insiders. Their follow-up album, Mirror Root, shows their growth as production artists and musicians. 

Esteban Chavez – Keys
Kevin Dickey – Bass
Dan Burke – Vocals
Leandro Vera – Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Hiller – Drums