EArTh MoON eaRtH

Earth Moon Earth is a cosmic rock collective created by Drummer/Producer, Dan Joeright (The Rentals) in the California hi-desert. Originating from Joshua Tree with roots spreading from Los Angeles to New York, this rhythm and synth based project blends elements of electronic, space and psychedelic rock, creating cinematic soundscapes.

Starting as an experimental – passion project taking shape in Dan’s desert recording studio (Gatos Trail), Earth Moon Earth evolved quickly and has been a vehicle to host a variety of collaborating musicians including: Be Hussey (Radar Bros) – Bass, Esteban Chavez (the Freeks) – Synths, Gabriella Evaro – Vocals, Rich Good (The Psychedelic Furs) – Guitar, Jonathan Hischke (Broken Bells) – Bass, Heather Paauwee – Strings, Ryan Johnson – Keys, Vincent Signorelli (Unsane) – Percussion and Algis Kizys (Swans) – Short Wave Radio.

The name Earth Moon Earth (EME) was derived from a radio communications technique of the same name. EME is the technique of bouncing radio waves off of the moon for the purpose of extending a short wave radio signal around the curvature of the Earth.

The current live band consists of Dan Joeright – Drums, Scott “Glitch” Schaffer – Theremin, Esteban Chavez – Synths, Bob Villwock – Keys, Jonathan Hischke – Bass and Gabriela Teran – Vocals.