Custom Dual Manual Keyboard/Organ Console

The Custom Dual Manual Keyboard/Organ Console is designed so that keyboard and Hammond clone-wheel players can stack two keyboards easily and with style. This is especially useful for Hammond clone-wheel players and can provide you with a dual manual organ rig that that closely matches the vertical spacing of a Hammond organ and provides some serious stage presence as well.

Each console is custom made. The design of the sides and internal supports are made with consideration of the keyboards that the console will house.

The console in the picture was custom made for a Roland VR09 on top and a TOP) & a MIDIPLUS i61 on the bottom.


  • Custom made to order
  • Can accommodate a wide variety of keyboards
  • Sides are typically made from solid Walnut
    • Other hardwoods are available
  • Finished with a high quality oil poly satin blend
  • Supports are made from black stained baltic birch plywood