Custom Leslie Speaker

The venerable Leslie Speaker. The Hammond Organ is not complete without a paired Leslie Speaker and the paring is a sonic thing of beauty.

I rescued a trashed 122 cab a few years back and decided to use the guts to make a short Leslie speaker to take to special gigs here in LA. I needed a smaller Leslie to deal with the fact that most stages here in LA are TINY, and this red beauty was the reward for my efforts. Due to the smaller size, bass response is less than a standard 122 or 147. It would not be ideal for a rig that requires pedal bass depth, but it kicks ass in a band setting where the bass responsibilities are handled by a bass player.

The cab requires the use of existing motors, horn, and amp. The lower roter is custom fabricated.

I would consider fabricating another one of these beauties for if the project is right. Contact me for pricing and details.


  • Eminence 15" speaker
  • Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Custom lower rotor
  • Choice of tolex
  • Choice of grill cloth on vented panels
  • Hardware and handles
  • Casters
  • Size: