Custom Solid Wood Cajon Drum

Greetings! I am honored that my skills as an artisan and a musician have inspired the creation of these Cajons.

Each Cajon is made-to-order, and part of the process is the opportunity to get related and share the different possibilities of what you want your Cajon to be.

*** Love for Custom - A Story ***
As a young man, I learned to surf on the rugged Central Coast of California. As my commitment to the experience grew, so did my collection of custom build surfboards.

The process of ordering a surfboard, and collaborating with a shaper is a magical experience. One that provides creativity, collaboration, growing excitement, and anticipation while awaiting the birth of a new board. Once in hand, the creation provides access to an experience that fuels a flow state and lifelong memories.

I wanted to offer a similar experience with these Cajons. The rituals and practices of playing any instrument are sacred and deserve intimate attention.

*** Materials ***
I like to build the Cajon box from solid wood offcuts and scrap from my larger furniture pieces. I typically try and utilize local timbers that have been salvaged or rescued from the urban forest here in Southern California. I have an affinity for Quartersawn Sycamore which has been considered sacred by many people throughout ancient history. With that said, I usually have a bountiful stock of Walnut, Ash, Maple, Sycamore, White Oak, Sapele, and some exotics available for use.... and if I don't have the particular wood you want, I can usually get it.

The Tapas are made from a high-quality plywood and a slice of artisanal veneer.

Your custom Cajon starts with a conversation. What colors or wood tones resonate with you? How about grain? Touch? Sheen? Size? Features?

*** Format ***
The size of the Cajon and its features can be customized, and I am happy to collaborate with you to create your unique Cajon. Available features are:

- One or two sided
- Bass reflex port
- Fixed or adjustable snare
- Rubber feet

I am excited to collaborate with you, and I guarantee you will love your Cajon. If not, I'll make you another one or give you your money back.