Mars Built Audio Component Platform

The Mars Built Audio Component Platform is an essential accessory for hi fi audio enthusiasts and professionals seeking to elevate their listening experience.

Audio isolation platforms are designed positively impact sound quality by effectively dissipating component or speaker vibrations without reflecting them back. By providing a stable and isolated surface for your audio equipment, this platform minimizes the negative effects of vibration, allowing you to fully appreciate the depths and nuances of your favorite music with exceptional clarity.

Handcrafted with precision from select hardwoods this platform is not just a functional solution but also a stunning aesthetic addition to any home audio system or professional sound studio.

Made to order with a lead time of 2-3 weeks.

Platform Support Options

  • Choose Iso Cork for vibration dampening - ideal for turntables
  • Choose Brass Spikes for vibration dissipating - ideal for speakers
  • Choose Iso Rubber feet for both dampening and dissipating quality