Guiding Questions for Relatedness

We invite you to choose 2-3 questions and enroll the Q4 to the opportunity to get related : )


  1. What is your fav distinction from team?
  2. What are you most committed to at this moment?
  3. How did team contributed your discovery of your life’s commitments?
  4. How has team contributed to your discovery of what lights you up?
  5. What lights you up?
  6. What is the future that you would like me to listen for?
  7. How can you use team for the rest of your life?
  8. What is your favorite can’t stop smiling moment on team?
  9. What is your proudest accomplishment achieved during your time on team?
  10. How did team create connection?
  11. How did team expand you?
  12. What was your biggest surprise from team?
  13. What is your favorite Jen Hedra quote?
  14. Are you adorable? 
  15. What are your favorite LM moments – quotes?
  16. What was your most powerful contribution moment during team?
  17. What was your favorite game in the world that you created?
Have a question that you would like to contribute? Please share.

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